Types of Video Poker


There are two manners in which the video poker differs from one another. The initial way these video pokers, such as the joker 123, differs from how these games are played. Most of the poker games in the video machine are usually on the basis of the poker version of the Five Card Draw.

However, some of the video machines’ poker games might probably offer different varieties of poker games. Jacks or better is perhaps the most common form and was the initial form of this poker game that is typically found in the video poker. 

One common variation of the video poker game is the Deuces wild, where there are a two serves as the wild card. Other variations of the video poker game include the bonus poker, joker’s wild, double bonus poker, deuces wild, and several others.

The second manner in which the video machine poker differs from one other is the schedule of the pay-out that is used by the video machine poker games. Some of the poker games usually offer a higher pay-out as compared to other video poker games. The video machine poker games that offer the highest form of pay-out for that particular poker game are usually referred to as the full pay games.

The payback percentage

Several of the poker games on the video machines, such as the JOKER123 Mobile, provide the highest return to player ( RTP ) percentage only of the maximum number of credits is a wager.  And so as that a poker player is capable of receiving a theoreticalreturn to player ( RTP )  in the long-run, he or she must play the video poker game on the machine in a perfect manner. Any sub-optimal play manner will most certainly result in a lower expected return to player ( RTP ).

Types of games

1) “Jacks or Better.”

Perhaps jack or better is the most popular version of the poker game that is typically found on the video machines.  Whenever a poker player is playing this type of video machine poker, he or she is capable of winning; suppose the final five-card hand constitutes at least a pair of a jack or better.

 The different varieties of the jack or better games differ from one another in that they possess different return to player ( RTP ) for the flushes and the full houses. The differences are indicated by a two-number prefix before the name. For instance, full pay jack or better is also referred to as 9/6 jacks or better, where the nine is known to be the payoff for a full house while the six refers to the payoff for the flush.

2) Double Bonus

This type of video machine poker game is typically a variation of the jack or better type of video machine poker but with a bonus return to player ( RTP ) for four aces. This type of video machine poker offers up to a theoretical return to player ( RTP ) of about one hundred point two percent.

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