Updos For Long Hair to Inspire Your Next Styling


Long locks can be bothering, especially when they get past your shoulders. However, with the right updos for long hair, you can tame your hair and live a normal life. The hairstyles we have compiled here are ideal for both casual and formal occasions, so you have many variations to choose from regardless of the occasion you are attending.

So, if you have long hair and you hate styling it for too long, save your energy and time by opting for these quick and effortless updos for long hair. A wavy side and loose braids offer you great versatility.

  • Loose Braid and Chignon.

If you are looking for the best updos for  hair for the formal and professional occasion, then you ought to choose chignon. If you need a more casual look, however, you may want to add texture to the look. A loose braid and cute side bangs make this look versatile and bring ease to the low bun.

  • Large Messy Bun.

Opting for an updo hairdo for long locks is the best way to control your tresses. The extra length adds into the volume, especially for the buns, which appeal full and beautiful. Enhancing the messiness will further improve the texture and fullness of the bun.

  • Beautiful Updo And A Barrette.

This is a great way to take your updo to a different new level. It is achieved by merely teasing the roots, and then twisting the length of the locks and finishing the look by pinning the delicate hairpieces. Choose an accessory with jewels to incorporate lustre into your hairdo. The bun looks too casual; therefore, you can rock it every day, but adding the embellishment makes this look ideal for formal occasions.

  • Voluminous Balayage Updos For Long Hair.

Elongated locks make the best and voluminous buns. To get a more polished finish to your shaggy bun, allow the hair on the sides to swoop down a little and incorporate subtle curls to the face-framing layers. It is a haircut that will easily transition from an office to a Friday night out.

  • Two Braids Ponytail.

This list of easy updos for hair cannot be complete without mentioning low ponytail and braids. It is a quick look that appears somehow more complicated than it is. Long and thick locks can be plaited to form a beautiful Dutch braid. Then the cute ponytail enhances the hair dos sporty look. If you want to make it more unique, opt for vibrant colours.

  • Soft Low Chignon.

Updos for long hair can be pretty sleek, but that doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t rock voluminous updos. To get the full lift, tease the roots. This gives your hairstyle effortless beauty, that is ideal for those busy days when you don’t have time for styling.

  • Wavy Low Ponytail.

If your hair is wavy, opt for a low ponytail. Don’t choose any ponytail. Take your updo to a new level by including a medium-sized chunk of manes around the roots to achieve a sleek look. Adding some swoopy layers on the sides will complete this look beautifully. 

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