Various ways to file a document in office storage shelves:

Office storage shelves [ชั้น เก็บ เอกสาร, which is the term in Thai], document cabinet or filing cabinet are all the name of one single thing. Office storage shelves are an important part of the workplace and without it, things can get messy. A document cabinet is office furniture that helps you to store documents in a vertical or lateral filing system. Office storage shelves have the capacity to store thousands of documents without taking too much space. It also helps employees to organize documents easily so that they can access them again whenever they need to. Office storage shelves are made up of the finest quality material which protects important documents from getting damaged. These shelves come in various sizes depending on how much storage we need. The filing cabinet is a great way to add up space inside the workplace which not only helps you to store documents but it also helps to protect them as well.

Different ways to file your documents:

Office storage shelves need to be organized in a particular manner so that you do not find any difficulty when searching for any document. The filing system should not be complex and it must be easily accessible. The following are some of the ways through which you can organize your documents easily:

  • Alphabetical filing system for documentation purpose:

One of the most common ways to file your document is by arranging in an alphabetical manner. This method helps to save your time when finding any document. It is a method where documents and files are alphabetically arranged inside the folder.

  • Category filing system for documentation purpose:

It is a system where documents are being arranged in a categorical manner. Documents are being generally arranged on the basis of categories such as finance, marketing, customer data.

  • Numerical filing system for documentation purpose:

It is a method where documents are arranged in a numerical manner. This method is easy to use and tends to be more efficient than another system.


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