Want to Study Business? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

When schools conduct career workshops, many students open their own businesses. And why not? A business gives you authority over people and allows you to be your own boss. But to start your own business or work in someone else’s business development, you need to be knowledgeable in the field.

You need to study business to become a valuable asset for any company. This will increase your chances of getting hired in a multinational company and a high-profile job, and Ivy League colleges are your best options. If you’ve been a part of an excellent high school and middle school district, they would’ve made you aware of things you need to do for Ivy League colleges.

What Entails a Degree in Business?

Studying business is not limited to just a few subjects. It consists of all the knits and grits of running a successful business and making money and impact. Businesses shape the economies of a country. That’s why people working in this sector are highly valued. Companies look for candidates from top-tier universities as they guarantee good performance and work ethic. The courses that lead up to placement equip you with all the necessary elements required to run a company. They create successful people.

Let’s understand the different kinds of degrees you can get in a business school. 

1. Business Management

This degree teaches you how to apply core business principles in the real world. This degree is for you if you’re interested in understanding business fundamentals and business development practices. You’ll learn various methods of creating productive systems that make management tasks fruitful and easier.

Average Annual Salary: $152,467

2. Finance

This degree is useful for people interested in investment, capital finance, and financial advisory. It focuses on the monetary side of businesses. This course teaches you the principles of finance and accounting to use financial concepts in the practical world to solve problems.

Average Annual Salary: $154,480 

3. Marketing

A degree in marketing is quite lucrative as businesses can’t survive without marketing. This course teaches you to create or lead marketing campaigns where you’ll be responsible for driving results by implementing sales strategies and customer psychology. You’ll handle brand management along with distribution channels and pricing.

Average Annual Salary: $136,850

4. International Business

This is great for people with interest in global business developments. You’ll analyze how things work in international marketing and global finance. You’ll be responsible for managing operations and projects at a worldwide scale by recognizing the international environment and differences.

Average Annual Salary: $156,467

5. Human Resource

Every company needs a human resource manager. They take care of the needs of employees and make sure the office space is optimum for them. An HR is responsible for managing disciplinary actions in a company. He curates a selection process and sets performance standards for the employees.

Average Annual Salary: $59,180

6. Project Management

If you’re a natural team leader, then this is for you. Here, you’ll be responsible for managing teams to complete tasks and ensure all the steps and processes are properly completed. This involves taking feedback from your seniors who’re accountable for a project. You can do BBA with a specialization in Project Management.

Average Annual Salary: $74,096

7. Operations Management

As the name suggests, an operation manager looks after the proper functioning of operations in a company. He’s responsible for hiring, supervising programs, and training employees. Operations managers analyze the effectiveness of projects and curate systems to get the most out of employees. He also fixes any loopholes in the design and is responsible for the proper functioning of the organization.

Top Tier Colleges to Join

These universities are the first choice of business studies aspirants across the world. These Ivy League colleges promise the best education in the United States. Students across the globe submit their applications to study in these universities.

However, tuition fees might be a bit exorbitant for the regular person, not to mention your daily living situation. You’ll have to secure a student loan or a scholarship, plus getting into these colleges can sometimes be a challenging endeavor. Here are the top Ivy League colleges and how much they’ll cost in tuition fees:

  1. Harvard: $75,891
  2. Princeton: $68,044
  3. Stanford: $78,218
  4. UCLA: $36,767
  5. NYU: $77,632
  6. Yale: $79,370
  7. Chicago: $81,531
  8. Pennsylvania: $81,110
  9. Virginia: $35,664
  10. MIT: $72,462

Process of Admission

The basic process is simple for all the universities. You write an outstanding personal essay that the college will analyze. You put in your high school scores, internships, certificates, and volunteer activities that make you eligible for the college.

Getting admission to these colleges is a matter of pride. It shapes you as a human being and makes you ready for further challenges in life. Remember that there is immense competition in these colleges and the best students from all over the world apply. So, you must choose three to four universities and apply to them so you have multiple options.

Getting a business degree in the top universities worldwide will set you up for life. However, you’ll need to prepare your finances and ensure you set yourself apart from the other candidates. Your journey starts now.

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