What are the types of bonuses offered by online casinos?

Online casinos on the rise

Before the past decade, you could play casino games only by going to a physical casino house. People used to rush out to the nearby casino with their money to gamble. Those who were in the regions where there were no gambling houses remained unable to play. But once the internet arrived, people thought of taking gambling online. Many websites have started in developed nations to try out gambling activities online. These websites got popularity since there is no need for going out to a casino. They can play their favorite casino games sitting on their sofa. So, many people started signing up for these websites. On seeing this, several other websites have started in all countries around the world. You can also find sites that are specialized in a particular set of games like สล็อต xo that offers a variety of slot machine games. These websites used many strategies to attract new customers to deposit in them. One such strategy is to provide different bonuses to players. In this article, let us discuss the different kinds of bonuses offered by online casinos in brief.

Various bonuses offered by online casinos

Welcome bonus

If you need new players to sign up for your website, you should provide a bonus, at the beginning itself. It is the strategy of a welcome bonus. The process is like when a player joins a casino website by depositing some amount, he will get a reward for it. These bonuses can vary from one website to another. Some sites offer a 100 percent welcome bonus that gives a player $100 for depositing $100. A welcome bonus is becoming the must-offer bonus for every online casino to survive in the industry.

Referral Bonus 

It is not enough for a casino website to get you to deposit with them. They will need more players to deposit on the site. So, they go with a referral bonus. It is the bonus that they will provide for the existing players who refer another player to deposit on the site. Once after a new player referred by you makes his first deposit on the site, you will get a referral bonus. These bonuses can be in the form of cash or extra free spins. Different websites will offer different bonus options. 

High Deposit bonus

If you deposit $100 in the first go, you are not the same player who deposits $10. So, you will get some rewards. This process of rewarding a player who deposits a higher amount to the casino is known as a high deposit bonus. Some big players who will keep on depositing bigger amounts will get these bonuses. 

No deposit bonuses

Like a welcome bonus, these bonuses let you play the casino games for free without depositing real money. This method is used to acquire new players who are afraid of depositing real money. Once they come in and start playing, they will deposit in the future. However, you will lose some usual rewards when playing through this bonus. 


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