What is Pterostilbene and How it Works on Our Body?

Anandamide (AEA) (94421-68-8)

The need for anti-ageing cream and substances are high in the market. The reasons are to look like young, to be like young. In the films, the star often used this anti-ageing substance which is very helpful to them. But some of them have deadly cancerous diseases within it. This is why scientists have come up with some new components like Pterostilbene which is obtained from plants. You can click here for more information about it.

What is Pterostilbene?

The chemical name of Pterostilbene is trans- 3,5- dimethoxy- 4- hydroxytoluene. It is generally obtained from the blueberry plants and PM Heartwood. Pterocarpus marsupium is well known as the source of Pterostilbene. Doctors suggest eating fruits like lemon, blueberries etc because this element is Rich on these. 

Besides, it has a strong power to awake the activities of Vitamin C. From 1 gram blueberries you can have at least 100 to 500 ng Pterostilbene. Not only anti-ageing property it has. It also posses the power of destroying the malignant cells which are very dealt with the cancerous disease. Apart from this, cardiovascular, neurological and hematologic disorders can be prevented and cured by using Pterostilbene

In animal, it is also found but the amount of this element is very low about 20%. 20% of this element can be found in resveratrol form. The list of benefits of this element in human medical science is a lot. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory is other characteristics of Pterostilbene. To prevent the ageing problem, we need to stop excessive oxidation in our cells. This element helps to prevent this by using the extra oxygen to eliminate the carcinogenic molecules. 

How does Pterostilbene work on Our Body?

Before starting the mechanism, you need to know something about this. It is true that blueberries and grapes like fruits are having this element. If you take then directly then it is okay but doesn’t take it as wine. Because when it undergoes in wine formation, it losses all its properties.

Pterostilbene has polyphenol compound in it. The compound has phenol init and phenol has a hydroxyl group in it. These groups (phenols, OH group) have the power to resist and destroy the pathogens and antigens in our body. While going into human bodies, it undergoes a reduction process and turns into an Antioxidant. 

Our cell has mitochondria in it. Mitochondria is the powerHouse of our body. This is the reason our cell consumes lots of oxygen molecules. The excessive molecules undergo oxidation in the cell wall. But Pterostilbene goes to to the cell wall and act as Antioxidant and helps to reduce the oxidation in the cell wall. Thus it helps to reduce the wrinkles in our face which causes to look like a young person.

The science behind this inventions and tests behind the knowing of its advantages like Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) are quite long. This anti-ageing medicine also prevents carcinogens to be active in the same way. 


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