What is the meaning of portrait photography?

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For portrait photography [รับ ถ่าย ภาพ portrait, which is the term in Thai] people think that, it is just about focusing on the face and blurring the background. But it is not that simple that normal people think. Ask a professional photographer and they will tell the meaning of portrait photography. It is used as a medium to express the personality of a person by a photo. And, if someone thinks about it then they will think for a second before taking a portrait photo.

That is where the professional comes in rescue. They know how to represent the person’s personality through a snap. And many people have seen those portrait photographs of models. These are taken by some talented photographers from all around the world. So, that they can represent the personality of the model very well. This is the actual meaning of the portrait photo. Now, think for a second before taking anyone’s portrait snap.

The face is the focus in portrait photography

Camera’s focus is on the face of the person. The photographer can blur the background or other body parts while doing portrait photography. But it does not mean that we can consider the candid photos as portrait photography. Candid photos differ from portrait photography. But if the photographer suggests, the person stands in a particular position. So, that they can take the candid photo, then it can be called portrait photography.

Portrait photography is an expert thing

Portrait photography requires a lot of techniques. Only then a delightful portrait image can be taken. Otherwise, it will just about be taking the person’s pic and blurring the background. But the posture, props, light, exposure, everything matters a lot in portrait photography. So, it will express the personality of the person in just a pic. And to do that, it requires experience and techniques.


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