What You Need To Know Before Translating Arabic

If you want to learn Arabic, you must first decide if you wish to start by learning to write or speak, ie, learning MSA or a dialect. If you choose to learn to talk, you must then select which of the different dialects you want to learn. What you should acquire depends, of course, on the purpose of the language. Are you traveling to a particular country or region? Or do you want to learn a dialect that you can use in as many countries as possible?

It is not easy to understand and explain how Arabic or Arabic translation (รับแปลภาษาอารบิค which is a term in thai) works, but below is a description that will make it easier to understand how the language is structured:

  • Arabic is divided into a written word called Modern Standard Arabic, sometimes Arabiyya, and besides, there are several regional dialects.
  • Modern Standard Arabic or MSA, which is the abbreviation, and the regional dialects sound and are entirely different. Some resemble each other more than others.
  • Many Arabic speakers can speak MSA, but not all. Those who are educated can speak MSA to a greater extent, while some talk only their dialect.
  • To simplify, one could say that MSA is a written language and a more formal style.
  • The various regional dialects are the ones spoken; the dialects rarely used in writing.
  • The MSA is originally from classic Arabic.
  • MSA is the language that is written, and also, the word is spoken on TV. Almost all books, magazines, magazines, road signs are on MSA, and that is the language you teach in schools, universities, and colleges.
  • MSA is rarely used as a spoken language, Arabic-speaking people speak one of the dialects and write on MSA. Depending on where you grow up and live, you speak different dialects. Some dialects are understandable, but others are not.
  • MSA can be used by Arabic-speaking people to communicate if they do not understand each other’s dialects.
  • MSA is a classic Arabic that has been modernized, and old words have been reinterpreted to express modern phenomena.
  • It is challenging to enter loan words into MSA in a logical way, as it is difficult to bend the terms to fit them.


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