Why Now Is The Time To Buy An Electric Car?

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When the electric vehicle market first burst onto the scene nearly three decades ago now, experts within the industry were tipping it to be the future of the automotive with many of us batting this back. When initially released, there were a lot of drawbacks to EV but as technology has advanced and improved over time, the benefits to owning an EV are now tremendous and outweigh a lot of the original downfalls that EV’s had when first released and so we below we look at why not is the best time to buy an electric vehicle.

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One of the main reasons why EV’s are the present and the future is due to the money saving element that they can deliver for their owners. This is mainly in the form of fuel costs which are eradicated due to the battery and charging element. The average cost to fill up a car costs over £60 per refuel, whereas with charging a battery, this can cost less than £10 in some cases which is a considerable saving, especially if you look over the year. Not only that, but EV’s don’t have an engine, so there is no need for an MOT or even service because the only thing that will need changing on the vehicle is the tyres and breaks, so the money saving element on these vehicles is incredible.

Furthermore, the negative connotations that were about when EV’s were first brought onto the market have gone for good now. Firstly, the performance is now on par, if not better than fuel alternative in which you are now able to get more miles out of one full charge, in comparison to that of one full refuel. Not only that, but some EV’s are now able to outperform fuel alternatives in speeds, miles per charge, economy and many more. And finally, the worry of being out on a journey and not running out of miles now is also a worry that has gone away because there are more charging points in the UK now than there are fuel stations – an impressive stat when you think about it.

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