Working with the Best Civil Rights Attorney to Seek Justice After You Experience Police Brutality

The majority of police officers perform their job every day and without complaints from citizens. However, some bad officers give law enforcement a bad name by engaging in police brutality. Every police officer has a sworn duty to protect all citizens from any constitutional violations that others may inflict on an individual in custody. If an officer witnesses another violating the constitutional rights of a citizen, they may be guilty of failing to get involved. 

A police officer who uses more physical force than necessary to respond and control a situation, can be guilty of police brutality. This can include physical force on handcuffed or restrained individuals, firing a weapon when not needed, and unnecessarily injuring a person in their custody. Police brutality can include any improper or illegal activities related to official duty. Examples of police brutality include racial profiling, forced or coerced confessions, verbal abuse, rape, sexual abuse, inmate abuse, wrongful shootings, assault, intimidation, and more.

What to Do as a Victim of Police Brutality

If you sustained an injury after an interaction with the police and think you are a victim of police brutality, you should get medical attention right away. Also, make sure to take photos and document your injuries. If there were witnesses, get statements from them and any video they may have of the incident. You need as much evidence as you can to support your allegations, so collect any other evidence and keep it in a safe place. 

You can do something about police brutality by reporting it. Check the website of your local police department for any contact forms through which you can file a complaint. Also, ensure you hire an experienced Las Vegas Civil Rights Attorney to help you file your complaints and pursue justice. 

How a Lawyer Can Help

When you experience police brutality, you are up against an institution that is known to protect its own. A lot of police departments cover up bad acts and deny responsibility.  Usually, officers are the scene don’t hold their fellow officers accountable. Thankfully, a competent civil rights lawyer is equipped to help you achieve justice and financial restitution. They have the resources to go to trial, if necessary. The right attorney is ready and willing to go the extra mile to achieve a favorable outcome for you. They believe that everyone deserves an equal shot at justice, regardless of their creed, race, financial status, or national origin. 

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