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What's new at Microsoft wpc16?

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 (WPC16) updates include Avant, Acronis, NetEnrich, UnifyCloud, BitTitan, Dropbox, AppRiver, Metalogix, more. Microsoft’s cloud-focused partners are growing faster than traditional partners, says Channel Chief Gavriella Schuster.

What happened at the World Wide Web conference 16 (wpc16)?

WPC16 kicked off with the announcement of Microsoft and General Electric’s (GE) collaboration. GE’s Predix platform, the world’s first industrial operating system to manage and optimize industrial infrastructure and operations, will be available in Microsoft Azure in 2017.

What is included in a WPC local storm report?

Custom plots of Local Storm Reports across the Contiguous United States. Reports include rain, snow, ice, and severe weather, as well as other significant information from storm spotters. Displays the climatological significance of precipitation forecast by WPC.

What is WPC excessive rainfall outlook?

Interface for specialized WPC Excessive Rainfall Outlook Maps for NWS County Warning Areas and States. Analog guidance that uses an objective approach to find historical events that are similar to the upcoming forecast.

Wpc16 Logo

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