Yamaha FZ 25 – Top 5 reasons to buy

Everybody knows that the Yamaha has launched the new motorcycle with 250cc. Well, when it comes to price, you can buy Yamaha FZ 25 at showroom price of Rs.1,19,500. With the support of the second generation, the bike comes up with component which will offer right amount of performance than expected for sure. If you are looking for the color, then you can go ahead with Ballistic Blue, Warrior White and Knight Black. However, before going to buy, it is necessary for you to focus on some of the important reasons.

  1. Full LED Headlight

If you see the full LED headlight, then it mainly offers lesser power usage and at the same time, you can experience better illumination when compared to conventional build. If you see the three-part headlight, then it mainly features with auto-on function. One should know that this motorcycle is mainly inspired from Yamaha MT series.

  1. Digital console

When it comes to instrument console, it is said to be the crystal clear one. Also, it mainly provides a single screen which has the inclusion of odometer, tachometer, two trip meters and more. If you are looking for the fuel gauge, then it is also available with digital. When you are having a look at the portion, then it is mainly finished with Gloss black. Yes, it also highly holds with the support of LED indicator lights in order to handle the other functions if you see on the motorcycle.

  1. Worth for your money

Generally, most of the people are showing their interest in purchasing the bike at Rs.1,19,500. Well, the main reason that you need to know is where the bike is come up with 249cc. Yes, the fuel injected engine at this price is quite highlighting. Even you can witness the LED lights which look completely premium on the whole. At the end of the day, these are the things which will be engaging to the people in order to purchase this bike.

  1. High on Torque 

The thing you need to know is where the bile comes under 249cc along with oil cooled motor as well as full injected one. Also, it is best for 20NM of torque in 6000 rpm. At the end of the day, it is also making the people to experience the better ride on the whole. Even you can witness better performance from the engine. Once started to access it, you will get a chance to witness powerful drive as well as crisp acceleration.

  1. Great mileage & Lightweight

This amazing motorbike is having a weight of 148kg. Also, if you see the fuel tank where one can fill up to 14 liters. Then, it also provides the great mileage of 43kmpl. When it comes to tank extensions, they are completely aerodynamic. Along with that, you can also see the great design facilitates which offers powerful stuffs. On the whole, this amazing bike is having the potential to offer great performances than expected in your budget at any time.


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