Your Basement Has No Business Being Boring

While everyone’s busy investing their time landscaping or planning their next kitchen space overhaul, it’s time you shift your focus toward a more the part of your home that’s unloved and in desperate need of attention—the basement. Sure, opening the hatch or walking down an extra flight of stairs to a new room might not be the most appealing of entrances, but all that extra basement space is just going to waste and filling up with dust! And since we’re already riding the home renovation trend, it’s time your basement gets the same treatment.

Why Is the Basement Almost Always Forgotten?

Apart from the obvious depictions of horror films and flicks that the basement carries some deep dark secret you don’t want to uncover, many people forget about their basements. This is because most basements serve the purpose of the utility room and are a lot harder to clean than everything up top. And while those hurdles don’t seem that impossible to overcome, it’s a lot more annoying and bothersome than most people realize. 

  • It’s the Undisputed Utility Room: Many modern and traditional homes still have their heating, ventilation, airconditioning, plumbing, and electricity all hooked up to a centralized system in the basement, and while high-tech homes do offer alternatives, the emerging trend hasn’t quite taken off yet. As a result, there are too many bulky figures and equipment to get anything creative done, not to mention the noise it makes, regardless if everything’s running fine or not.
  • Keeping It Clean Is a Hassle: Unlike any other room with windows, doors, and open ventilation to keep air flowing and debris moving in and out at a balance, all the dirt you bring into the basement has nowhere else to go. And once you include the dust that naturally forms from within the basement, you start to notice just how difficult it is to keep the space clean if you aren’t meticulous with your household duties.

But There’s so Much You Can Do!

Nevertheless, despite the disadvantages mentioned above regarding noise and cleaning responsibilities, the potential for greatness and the extra space you get in return far outweighs any of the cons pointed out. Plus, with a bit of soundproofing and extra attention to detail, you can easily cross out all of the shortfalls to make the basement a lot more liveable and comfortable. Namely, you can build entertainment areas, extra bedrooms, and a basement gym. 

  • Segment a Dedicated Entertainment Area: The basement space is perfect for segmenting a dedicated entertainment area, whether a personal man cave or creating a moviehouse for family dates. And if you’re more in tune with living the bachelor lifestyle, you can install a basement bar complete with seating and a stocked fridge to welcome close friends and family for a night out in your cove. Once the social distancing guidelines come off, you can hold more parties in the future!
  • Build Extra Rooms for the Family: In addition to entertainment areas, you could also build extra rooms for the family, especially if you’re expecting more members sometime soon or a growing-up gift and want to prepare a room for what’s to come next. There are numerous basement designs you can choose from to turn this into a usable, liveable space. Whether it’s bunk beds or a gamer’s paradise, it might just triumph over the master bedroom too. Just be careful not to overspend on the budget because there will be a lot of room to cover.
  • Create a Basement Gym for Your Gains: Last but not least, if you’re into exercise and working out, one of the best ways to renovate and design all that extra basement space is by creating a gym for all your gains. In doing so, you can kiss that gym membership goodbye and spend all the extra hours just one minute away from your bedroom instead. Plus, it’s not that big a money investment in the long term because all you need is some proper flooring, fresh paint, and new lighting to make it feel right.

Watch Out for Wet Spots and Bad Odors

Fair warning: many basements, especially those left unattended, are incredibly prone to wet spots and foul odors that are signs of something much worse brewing behind the walls and circulating through the inner workings of your house. And while it can be due to some heavy rains passing through, you’ll need to contact a plumbing contractor and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist to check for any potential issues. 

Overall, basements deserve a lot more attention than they’re getting right now, and with the potential they hold, it can mean so much more for home renovation enthusiasts. So, don’t let the extra basement space go to waste, and feel free to mix and match the ideas mentioned above! 

Meta title: Reimagining More Functionality to Your Basement
meta desc: Basements don’t get as much attention as other rooms. But given the amount of potential it holds, it’s a crime only a few homeowners are renovating it! Find out what you can do with your extra space beneath your home.

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