You’ve Decided To Vape. And Now What?


You’ve decided that you want to buy your first electronic cigarette, but there is a problem, you have never vaped and you have no idea where to start. Nothing happens, every vaper has faced his first experience of vaping and has been a bit overwhelmed by how much there is to know about the subject.

Starting vaping for the first time is not as easy as going to the tobacconist and buying a pack of cigarettes. You’ve got to acquire a suitable vaporizer and a taste of e-liquid that you like. You can choose a starter kit that includes everything like an AIO (All In One) or a customizable device like a Mod. If you are inclined to the second option you must choose the correct resistors and batteries, and then discover how to put it all together.

With all these things you need to know just to start vaping, starting vaping can be confusing. Normally, many questions assail you, for this, we want to guide you through this process and give you some tips to vape for the first time and thus achieve a pleasant experience.

Every Vaper Was A Beginner

At some point, we were all in your shoes. We bought our new vaping kit, opened it, saw lots of pieces and said: now what?

As we do not understand the basic terms of vaping, the manual often seems to be written in another language. We go to YouTube to find a video of someone who assembles your worldvaping vgod device, but when we try it ourselves we receive an error, or we forget an important step and burn the resistance in the first draft. It also happens that we do not close our tanks enough and the e-liquid ends up coming out everywhere. The point is that it is normal to feel a little lost.

Your First Personal Vaporizer Or Electronic Cigarette

The device you use will have a great impact on your first vaping experience, there are two types of devices concerning the draft, MTL and DL.

Some devices (smok novo) were made specifically to make direct drafts to the lung, and it is the favourite of advanced vapers. However, these devices are not the best option for someone who is looking for an experience similar to that of the analogue cigarette, in this case, MTL devices are the most suitable.

Type Vape Pen Type

These devices have a pen shape, are cylindrical, work with e-liquid and are ideal for those looking for a puff very similar to smoking. Due to the elongated shape and low power, those who have just switched to vaping often prefer this style as a device to start vaping.

Most Vape Pens (joyetech) have air intake control so that beginners can have a closed draft (MTL) similar to that of the cigarette, and then evolve into a more open draft.


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