3 Bathroom Updates You May Want To Make

Your bathroom can be more than a place for freshening up. Depending on its look and feel, it can serve as a place to regroup and attain the right headspace. Therefore, a bathroom’s look and feel are two of the most crucial indicators to determine whether an upgrade is imminent or not. If you settle on remodeling your bathroom, here are three updates you may want to make.

1. Bathroom Hardware


The hardware is often a great place to begin when updating your bathroom. Whether it’s a small bathroom or a more spacious one, start with rearranging existing hardware. Some of the most common hardware to consider are:

  • Mirror: Bathroom mirrors have many roles to play beyond reflecting your image. Sometimes, that long stare in the mirror before jetting off for that interview can perform magic. Where you place your mirror can mar its attractiveness. If it’s near the shower area, you may have to clean the moisture off your mirror after every bath. So, as a DIYer, changing the position of your mirror is an easy way to begin your bathroom makeover.
  • Shower screens: Changing your shower screens is also a great way to ensure your bathroom gets a modern feel. The type of glass counts to provide a great look.
  • Sinks and cabinets: There’s nothing wrong with having too many towels. However, if you have a small space, fixing too many towel bars might not be ideal. Vanity cabinets can be a great addition if you want a storage area for all your towels and other bathroom essentials. Your sinks can either mar or hike up your bathroom experience. But let’s face it, some stains can be difficult for DIY cleaning. Before you opt for replacement, you can enlist a professional agency to try other deep cleaning methods.
  • Bathtub: If the design of your bathtub doesn’t retain enough water for a decent bath, now’s the best time to have it fixed. You can also opt for a new bathtub design based on your renovation specifications and objectives.

2. Painting

Painting is a relatively affordable way of giving your bathroom a classic look. It’s a fantastic feeling to have all the colors in your bathroom complement each other. It doesn’t only give you great experiences when bathing. The type of color used for your bathroom walls and how they blend with everything in it can significantly impact your mood. Color is a therapy in itself.

If you’re on a DIY project, you may want to ensure you do a lot of consideration before picking the set of colors to use. Also, watch how you use bright colors. Your new vanity cabinets can use some smoky blue or gray. Generally, any dark shade like eucalyptus for the walls might do the trick. You can use lighter shades from the same color palette for new fixtures to stand out. Wallpaper is also worthy of an honorable mention for a great upgrade on your walls.

3. Floor and Ceiling


When you’re buying a new property, you may not have many options for the bathroom floor. If it’s a tile or marble for the living area, the chances are that your bathroom might have the same floor. If you’re lucky enough to have wooden bathroom floors, all you might need is a fresh coat of paint. But do well to reserve some of the paint for the ceiling to reflect your color changes. Tiling your bathrooms are also a great way to give your bathroom an upgrade. It’s also worth noting that when shopping for tiles, remember that too polished or smooth surfaces can cause you to slip in your bathroom.


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