10 important points for better cybersecurity

Enterprises need to embrace top-down cybersecurity management ...

Protecting your business against common cyber threats is not just about staying compliant to rules and regulations. Virtually, every networked device, including IP cameras and video surveillance systems, has the scope of being hacked. A study by SIA and Wall Street Journal revealed that cyber threats increase as businesses invest in new technology. Digital transformation is not a choice anymore, but that also calls for being extremely proactive about cybersecurity. 

In this quick post, we are discussing 10 points for better cybersecurity. 

  1. Conduct cybersecurity workshops. Social engineering and other means that hackers use to attack businesses must be known to employees. Discussing threats, with means to prevent and tackle them is critical. 
  2. Ensure that all default passwords are changed immediately, and ask your employees to use a reliable password management tool. 
  3. Focus on creating strong password for every device and network resource, with use of special characters, numbers, uppercase & lowercase letters. 
  4. Find a way to handle access rights. Ensure that your team can add, edit, modify, revoke, and update access to devices, networks, systems and servers in real time. 
  5. Use firewalls and VPNs. Using firewalls can help in protecting computers from untrusted networks, and VPNs are necessary when working on public networks. 
  6. Enlist the threats. From different types of malware, to other threats, make sure that you know what concerns your business, so that appropriate measures can be taken.
  7. Find ways to minimize damage. If there is a security breach, which can happen despite efforts, there should be clear protocols on how to handle the incident and minimize damage. 
  8. Mention BYOD and personal device policies. Work from Home is the new norm, and for that, there should be clear instructions. Also, if employees are working from their own devices, there must adhere to BYOD guidelines. 
  9. Use multifactor authentication. For selected resources, sensitive systems and networks, and privilege users, it is important to use multifactor authentication. Consider adding a second layer of security. 
  10. Review your cybersecurity policies from time to time. As threats increase and evolve, cybersecurity measures may have to be revisited. Make sure that you are updated against hackers at all times. 

Final word

It is absolutely important to take help for cybersecurity where needed. You can choose to hire ethical hackers for finding flaws and vulnerabilities, or can hire experts to train your employees on various aspects of cybersecurity, so that they can prevent hacking attempts and are more responsible with their actions. 

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