4 Ways You Can Transform Your House into A Gorgeous Whimsical Cottage

If you are a lover of fairy tales, then it is likely you have always wanted to own a whimsical style cottage; a cottage that is located in the countryside, and has lots of gorgeous plants and flowers, and perhaps a Cotswold stone wall with a gate that leads to your front garden. If you live in a city or town location, you may not have brought that dream cottage you always wanted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your home into your dream whimsical style cottage – it may just need a simple makeover and a few decorative changes. Here are 4 ways you can transform your house into a gorgeous whimsical cottage.

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Add Exterior House Decorations

If you live in a house that is lacking a front yard, then why not decorate the exterior of the house? You could add a cute vintage style wooden door, and a custom decorated house number plaque for the wall of your house. A lot of whimsical style houses have pops of colour on the window sills etc. You could even add cute shutters on your windows, and flower planters below with colourful flowers in them. Add a few plant pots by your door for extra decoration.

Add a Window Seat

If your living room windows have large window ledges underneath them, you could make it into a window seat – all you need is a comfy cushion to go on it. This could be the perfect place for you to relax with a book, or just watch the world go by, and it also creates a cute whimsical cottage feel to your house. If you don’t have any window sills under your window, you could just add a simple bench to go underneath. In desperate need of new double glazed windows to have your window seat? then why not give Double Glazing Company Firmfix a call? They supply and fit great quality double glazed windows to your home, so if you are in need of a Gloucester Double Glazing window fitting company, or a window fitting company near you, why not get in touch with them for a quote?

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Make it Cute and Cosy

The whole point of a fairy tale whimsical style house is to make it cute and cosy – this will really give it a nice homely feel. Add homely touches such as hand made cushions and blankets, candles, and even fantasy style pictures on the wall. Include hand made shabby chic furniture and natural wood shelving, and gothic style chandeliers will also add to the whimsical fairy tale theme. Quirky cloth sofas and chairs will give it a more cosy cottage feel. You could even get an open fireplace or a log burner for your home.

The Garden

The garden will be the perfect setting to add to the whimsical cottage look; add a range of colourful flowers and cute decorations. Garden props such as fake wishing wells and toadstools will also be a great addition. If you are planning on redecorating your garden, you could add a stone cobble path leading through the garden, and why not add a pond to attract some wildlife too? Extra decorative pieces such as a fairy garden will also make your garden to look the part.


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