5 Ways to Reduce Clothing Waste from Ending Up in the Landfills

At the current times, people are fashion conscious and they therefore; buy clothes at an increased rate. As opposed to previous years, people dispose of clothes any time a new trend comes up. It is worth noting that disposed clothes that end up in the landfills during rubbish removal may take up to 200 years to fully decompose. What’s worse is that, as the clothes decompose, they emit a greenhouse gas called methane and which is even more dangerous than carbon.

Fast Fashion Trends

The rise of cheap fashion clothes has really had an impact on how people shop. Moreover, cheap fashion clothes are often commercialized in such a way that people are lured into purchasing. Later, the clothes may get disposed even without having been worn. Clearabee a rubbish removal company has witnessed the increased rate at which most people in the UK wrap their old or unused clothes for disposal. Here are some of the ways you can reduce the number of clothes that end up in our landfills.

How to Reduce the Amount of Clothing that goes into the Landfills

  • Donating

Some of your worst clothes could be someone’s dream clothes. As such, you can wrap the clothes well and drop them off at donation sites. By donating, you help a person in need and at the same time, you protect the environment.

  • Exchange party

Why not come up with an exchange party where you and your friends can exchange old clothes? At the end of the party, each of you will go home with good clothes.

  • Recycling

A research conducted by Greenpeace revealed that about 82 percent of men don’t know that it is possible to recycle old clothes. Recycling helps divert waste that could otherwise have landed into the landfills. Also, you get to produce other items using old clothing. Some of the products that can be recycled using clothes include paper, plastics, fibre for upholstery, insulation materials, and cans.

  • Buy quality clothing

The reason why most people keep buying and disposing of clothes is that they buy poor quality fabrics. Cheap fabrics, of course, sell at a cheaper price. But after wearing a few times or even none, the clothes may end up as waste. According to research, the life span of consumer goods including clothing went down by 50 percent from 1992 to 2002. Therefore, work towards buying quality clothes that can last you as many years as possible.

  • Make a few pounds from old clothes

After decluttering all your wardrobes, you don’t have to dispose of old clothes with a rubbish removal company. You can create a garage sale where you will get to display your clothes for passersby and friends. Out of the people who may view, some of them may end up bidding very highly for your old clothes. At the end of the sale, you will make an extra pound, and declutter your house.

Rubbish Removal in the UK

At Clearabee, we boast the reputation of the best rubbish removal company in the UK. We have a fleet of vehicles that ensure our reliability in waste management. We can collect waste on the same day or any day you wish. We also supply skips and skip bags to our clients. Our staffs are highly qualified and friendly to clients.

Besides, at our company, it is not just about rubbish removal. We believe in protecting our environment. It is no wonder that we divert about 95 percent of received waste from going into the landfills. We also aim at remaining carbon neutral and hence, we have planted many trees all over the country. We are available on email or call any time you want our expert help in waste management.


Clothes make up the largest waste products in the landfills. The clothing materials may take up to 200 years to decompose and may also emit dangerous gases. As such, people should donate, recycle, sell, exchange, or even buy quality clothes to prevent increased rates of disposal.


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