Being A Good Guy Friend: My Experience With Purchasing A Newborn Gift Set

Being in my 20s means seeing friends grow and take different paths in life. Some friends focus on their careers, others build families, and some try to find something they wish to achieve. In my case, I have more male friends than female, and I have always struggled to give presents to the opposite sex. Let us explore my experience with purchasing a newborn gift set for my friend who gave birth recently: 


Not necessarily a failure of the business or an error on their end, but the problem I encountered was the feeling of unfamiliarity with these things. First, I did not witness caring for an infant because I did not have younger siblings or relatives who had babies after I was born. With that, I had a rough idea of what mothers use for their newborn babies and anything else they need for motherhood. 


Having a friend who just gave birth is a meaningful experience because I get to become a part of this milestone in their lives. To introduce her, she is the wife of my childhood best friend, so we automatically became close friends because we immediately meshed well the first time we met. I looked for a newborn gift in Singapore or anything that would have given her a bright smile. Since we have already known each other for quite some time, I had a few ideas on what to get. 


The first thing I did was search online because I did not have the time to go to the mall. First, I used a search engine to look for baby and other personalised gifts for mothers. Of course, I saw different shops and websites and immediately stuck to the one on top of the results. After that, I went to the website and tried to navigate the seemingly overwhelming visual display of products. Gladly, the website was easy to use, so I browsed all categories to know what the shop offers. 


After a series of visits to the website, I decided on personalised newborn gifts to add a sentimental touch or to make things more meaningful. There, the online platform started with which type of boxes you want, such as a simple one or a wicker hamper. I chose the latter because it suits my friend and her affinity for all things artsy. After that, I chose one from the menu to let her and the child experience the brand, such as a set of teethers, clothes, toys, and many more. 


Fast forward to the gathering, I was happy because of the perfect newborn gift set I gave my friend. She thanked me for the effort and the thought behind the beautiful present. Overall, it was a beautiful experience because I managed to choose something, despite feeling unfamiliar with these newborn and baby items. 

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