Best Devices To Start To Moving Towards Making Your House A Smart Home

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Smarthomes when initially released were somewhat of a gimmick for many with not many of us consumers seeing the benefits that they could have towards our homes. However, with technology advancing at such a rapid rate, smart home and smart devices are becoming increasingly popular in more homes now due to the added features that they can now bring and today we look at what essentials you should have in your home if you are looking to go smart. 

This first point of call when looking to go smart would probably be the use of a smart speaker like an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home. These devices aren’t just a speaker for your everyday music or radio use but can also be used as a personal assistant to help your everyday tasks. Using as a calendar to set reminders, creating shopping lists for when you next need to collect bread and milk from the shop, or now even able to fully power your smart home with the use of turning on lights, ramping up the heating, or even locking your doors with just the use of their voice activation are all handy things in which a smart speaker can help. 

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Smarthomes aren’t the only industry in which have benefitted from the advances in technology that we have seen in recent times, in fact online casino are now seeing a trend of players playing on apps due to app quality rising and now with many being able to gamble on the go due to the 5G connectivity that is available to us nationwide. A list of casinos can be found here which have specifically been benefitting due to their high quality casinos and unbeaten promotional deals for all new customers. 

Moreover, if you are looking for the most innovation doorbell on the market, then the Ring Doorbell Pro is the doorbell for you. Not only can you answer your door remotely through the use of a live camera and microphone for you to be able to speak to whoever is at your front door, but it also acts as a security camera for 24 hours in which can detect motion and therefore can be used if any trouble is spotted near your house; a doorbell and CCTV camera all in one. 

And finally, why not look at getting an August Wi-Fi Smart Lock which can be supported by. Your Amazon Alex or Google home to allow you to lock your doors from the comfort of the sofa or even in bed without you having to come into contact with your door again. This allows for peace of mind at all times knowing you can just lock your door through the use of your smartphone. 

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