Common Signs That You Need To Have Your AC Serviced Soon

If you want to get more out of your air conditioner you need to have it serviced on a regular basis. But while routine maintenance is essential, you may also realize that your tulsa HVAC system is demonstrating signs of potential malfunction or mishap. 

So what are some of the common signs that your system is about to go on the blink? It’s best for you to know what these things are trying to indicate so you’re not left without a working air conditioner in the dead of summer. These warning signs should be given heed so you can take the proper precautions to ensure a fully operational HVAC system.   

Warm Air Blowing

When you switch on your air conditioner, you want cold air coming from the vents. If you are feeling warm air instead, you may have a problem that can be easily solved. It might be as simple as switching your system to cool mode or lowering the thermostat to below the current temperature in the house. 

Should the warm air continue to be prevalent, you could be dealing with something relatively less difficult like restricted airflow or a much larger problem such as a faulty compressor. 

Reduced Airflow

You turn on your air conditioner and discover that the air just isn’t coming out with much force or velocity. That could be an airflow problem due to a blockage in your ductwork. After checking the ducts and finding nothing within, you may turn to your attention to the air filter. 

That component is essential to the proper operation of your air conditioning. You must remember to change your air filter every three months because if it remains clogged in the system, that will make your system work harder and less efficient. It can also drastically reduce the air flow going through your HVAC. 

Leaking Water

The normal operation of your system requires the use of refrigerant in order to adequately cool the air in your own home through the ventilation. As a result, there may be some evidence of condensation but not so much that you should find it leaking or dripping in any rooms of the home. 

So if you come across any pools of water or leaks located near or beneath the air conditioner, then while it may appear that everything is working properly, you do not want water accumulating in your home. That can lead to water damage and you could end up paying for more than just repairs on your AC system. You could be repairing the effects of pooling water on your floor or in your walls. 

Foul Odors

It’s pretty simple, if there are foul aromas or strong smells coming from your air conditioning, you will want to solve that problem quick. Not only is it unpleasant to live with but it’s an obvious indication that something is wrong. In most cases, it means you need to clean the system. But do it soon, as those odors are coming from bacteria that has grown inside. You don’t want to inhale that stuff.


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