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Whether you’re a casual camper or an all-out survivalist, there is always a risk of facing worst-case scenarios while in the great outdoors. Animal attacks, unexpected storms, injuries: countless situations threaten your safety, especially when you are not fully prepared for them.

If you want to improve the safety of your next trip, here are some gadgets that you might want to add to your packing list:

1. Satellite phone

A satellite hotspot is a great luxury to have if you want to stay connected to the Internet while off-the-grid, but a satellite phone is more of a necessity. In places where cellular signal is sparse or non-existent, a satellite phone lets you get help in case of emergencies. If you are traveling in a group, satellite phones can also help you stay in touch with each other regardless of distance, something that regular walkie-talkies can’t do.

2. Filter straw

When worse comes to worst and you run out of food, water can help you survive until help arrives. However, drinking water straight out of the pond or stream can make you sick, which will reduce your chances of survival even further. So what do you do when you run out of clean water as well?

A straw with a built-in filter is a simple gadget that eliminates bacteria and protozoan parasite cysts from water as you drink it. When you find yourself in a pinch, having this gadget with you will keep you hydrated as long as you can find a water source.

3. Headlamp

A lot of outdoor enthusiasts underestimate the importance of light until they find themselves in a forest surrounded by absolute darkness. Luckily, a headlamp is an effective and inexpensive gadget that can illuminate your surroundings when you need to have your hands free, or when your flashlights run out of juice.

4. Army knife

Need to gut a fish for eating? Remove a thorn stuck in your leg? Make shavings for fire tinder? A reliable army knife can do all of these things and more. In worst-case scenarios, this small tool can extremely useful for multiple functions, including building a fire, prepare food for cooking, and even defending yourself against wild animals.

5. GPS

A handheld GPS device is an indispensable tool for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. With a GPS device, you will always know your exact location, which will help you navigate efficiently and avoid getting lost. If ever you do get lost, a GPS device can help put you back on track. As opposed to using a compass or a traditional map, using a GPS device is a quicker, easier, and more accurate way to navigate.

6. Space blanket

In extremely frigid temperatures, a space blanket will keep you warm by deflecting your body heat back to you instead of letting it escape. While space blankets are more expensive than emergency blankets, they are more durable and can be used multiple times. They are lightweight and easy to pack, which means you can bring numerous blankets with you on a single trip.

If you are traveling with a group, encourage everyone to bring their own space blanket just in case.

7. Sound grenade

One of the worst things you can encounter in your campsite is a wild animal looking for food. Although most animals won’t attack unless they are provoked, you can’t always count on that fact.

A sound grenade is a small device that emits a loud siren. Even if the device can fit in your pocket, the sound it makes is so loud that it’s enough to send most animals running. Aside from scaring away animals from your campsite, it can also be used to alert others of your presence if you are unable to yell or speak.

8. Weatherproof lighter

A weatherproof lighter is another must-have in your survivalist arsenal. This little device can help you start a fire in any condition, including rain, snow, or high winds. Moreover, most weatherproof lighters are incredibly durable, which means you won’t have to worry about breaking it with a single drop.

No one wants to experience an outdoor horror story for themselves. Therefore, learning from cautionary tales and packing the essentials is the best way to stay safe while in the wild.

To upgrade your survival kit, these are the must-have gadgets you can include on your shopping list.

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