Different types of cremations offered by cremation services

The death of a close person is one of the deepest and gravest sorrows one could have. The pressure of arranging all the proceedings for the cremation and other related things can also make you tired amidst the time of loss. In Australia people often consult cremation services in order to ease their minds of the proceedings. These services arrange all the requirements for cremation on behalf of the deceased and their family and will also manage everything. In Sydney cremations are mostly handled by these service providers.

If you have to get an idea as to how these services work, you can consult service like https://sydneyfuneralsandcremations.com.au. The following are the different types of cremations that are commonly offered by cremation services-

  • Direct cremation

This is a basic cremation service that is usually opted for people whose family members live far from the deceased people. As they won’t have much time, they directly cremate the body and the ashes are returned to the family. Also, there is no memorial or graveside service in this offering and all the proceedings will be dealt with within a day.

  • Memorial service 

This is a small ceremony that happens after funeral. In this, the ashes of the deceased are presented in a hall and all the close relatives gather to pay their respect and blessings to the departed soul. A lot of religions across the world follow this tradition and all the relatives gather together to talk about the deceased and share their fondest memories of them.

  • Traditional funeral

In most parts of the world, the family of the deceased holds a small family gathering for close relatives and friends so that everyone can pay their respect to the person. This is followed by a cremation service that usually happens a day or two after the death. 


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