Enjoy the special moves For the Perfect Casino Sites Now


Blackjack variations allow for moves that can make a big difference. Also understand that certain rules can benefit or disadvantage bettors. We will detail which are the best soon.

Rules that benefit the player

Split aces: avoid wasting time on modalities that do not allow the division of aces. Since the card is worth 1 or 11, it is great for forming a winning hand. Whoever receives a double of aces can split to form two hands and increase the chances of winning. There are the brand new casino sites that you need to have now.

Split aces again: Generally, casinos only allow one split aces per move. When the second division is possible, it guarantees an enormous benefit to the bettor.

Double after splitting: it is rare for a casino to abide by this rule. If you find a bookmaker that allows you to double after dividing, use the technique.

Payout 3: 2 : it is essential to choose a table with an advantageous payout. There are casinos that pay 6: 5. We advise against playing at this type of table, only at 3: 2. The difference is that, in the first option, the member receives 3 chips for every two bets (1.5: 1). In the second payment option, you receive 6 for every 5 (1.2: 1). It may seem little, but it makes a huge difference in earnings.

Rules that harm the player

Dealer asks for a card with a soft hand 17: the soft hand means that there is an ace in the hand, which can be worth 1 or 11. The house forces the dealer to stop and no more cards. As a result, the casino advantage increases by 0.2%.

6: 5 payment: as stated in the previous topic, only 3: 2 payment is advised.

Double the bet

The technique of doubling a bet is to ask for one more card and double the original bet amount. If the player wins online Blackjack, he receives double prizes. It is recommended to use such a move only when there is a strong hand, such as 9, 10 or 11 (when added to a card worth 10, it results in 19, 20 or 21). Or, when the dealer has an unfavorable card, from 2 to 6 (which results from 12 to 16, if he has 10 points on the card face down). The new casino sites are perfect there.

Not all blackjack tables allow you to double your bet. It is always recommended to check the rules of each mode before betting the chips.

Tips for increasing earnings

A basic strategy for winning in online Blackjack is to know what to do when you receive a hard hand (ace has a value of 1), a soft hand (ace is worth 1 or 11) or a pair.