Facebook Hacking With the Finer Values

Once the facebook hacker has started right-click on the transparent icon next to the system clock and chooses the Hide icon item to hide it completely. To make it reappear, press the CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + M keys simultaneously. Being a free version, even if set for auto start, the facebook hacker starts with a visible icon and there is no option to start with a hidden icon. However, using it locally on your PC, the problem does not exist and also, as mentioned above, we proceeded to change the icon in the system tray, making it actually transparent: if you forget to hide it, it will be painstakingly identified. 

NB: at the end of the paragraph an even more complete version of the facebook hacker is now available, which reduces the aforementioned limits.

To view the passwords and data captured in the winlog.txt log file, you must perform a quick double click of the mouse on the program icon. In fact, as a precaution we preferred to remove the View log item originally present in the contextual menu of the software and we removed all the excess items such as Home Page, About, Help and Send Comment, which also allowed to identify the true nature of the software. Now the only ones available are only 4:

  • Start with Windows (starts with the Operating System)
  • Hide icon (ctrl + alt + shift + m to show it)
  • Delete log (clear the winlog.txt file)
  • Exit (permanently closes the program)

If your antivirus grumbles and sees the facebook hacker as a potential threat , don’t worry , you don’t run any risk and this is completely normal and you can authorize its use, possibly adding the software to the exclusion list. From SicZine you can have the best deal now. This expert site is the best option for the hacking process to be done perfect.

Download: Key-logger

If you want a facebook hacker always modified by marcucciogemel.it in full version, with auto start options, hidden start and shortcuts for the customizable icon.

A portentous facebook hacker, in Italian and professional

If you are looking for a stealthier, surprising, and incredibly powerful and full of amazing features facebook hacker, we suggest you All in One Key-logger. This is the ideal solution as Parental Control, Business Management, also suitable for Schools or Institutions and perfect for controlling the activity of each Personal Computer. Just to mention a few features and functions, the facebook hacker in question offers:

  • Control of programs and pressed keys
  • Web control
  • Chat recording
  • Capture images
  • Recording from the microphone
  • HTML report
  • Delivery Log by email
  • Log delivery via FTP
  • Delivery on USB support
  • Encrypted log files
  • Password protection

The latest version currently available is 3.38 at the modest cost of 71.27 $. On the web with a little patience and by refining the searches it is possible to find the crack and the related key-gen.