Foundation is important for better makeup:

For better makeup, it is always needed to have Foundation [รองพื้น, which is the term in Thai] applied on the face. So, that the makeup will last longer and also no patches occur at the face. And, that is only possible with the help of the foundation. So, the person can have their makeup last long. And, if someone has oily skin then it is necessary to have foundation on the face. Before applying makeup on it. Because the oily skin will take out the makeup very soon if there is no foundation.

And, it is the foundation that helps the skin to absorb the oiliness of the skin. So, the makeup can last long and remain in the place. Without having any patches on the face. And, the face looks more beautiful with these makeups. So, always apply foundation before applying makeup.

Foundation can increase the beauty

Foundation is the thing that can increase the beauty of the face. Yes, the makeup does a lot in increasing the beauty. But without having foundation the makeup will not last long. It is the foundation on which the makeup is done. So, the makeup will increase the beauty of the face. It acts as the pillar of the house. Without having it one cannot build the house. So, it is very important to apply the foundation on the face before applying makeup. And, it is recommended by all the beauticians from all around the world.

Use different types of foundation for different types of skin

Most of the people have different types of skin. And, it is better to use different types of foundation cream for such skin. Like for oily skin, there is an oil control foundation. Just like that other types of foundation cream is available in the market.


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