How Beneficial Wealth Management Systems For My Business?

Even though I have not seen Spiderman (Tobey Maguire) in ages, it is still one of my favourite Marvel films. I learned a lot of things, the most important of which was what Uncle Ben told Peter: ‘With great power comes great responsibility.‘  This famous line has become my life motto, and I still remember it when I inherited my family’s family office business. It is a company that handles and manages high-net-worth individuals’ wealth through wealth management systems.

It Is Time To Move On From Traditions

Since our establishment, we always do things the old-fashioned way, but when the number of clients we served increased, I had no choice but to move on from traditions and use private wealth management software

What I meant by “old-fashioned way” was not the one you were thinking of as of this moment. Manually balancing finances can take weeks or months, especially when dealing with millions of dollars.

The old-fashioned way I am talking about was the use of Google spreadsheets. Even though bookkeeping and other accounting work were much easier using this tool, there are a lot of shortcuts to remember. A single minor error can ruin the entire formula, which could lead to a domino effect. Luckily, that never happened to our family office business since we train our new hires before we let them manage a client’s finances and assets.  

The Challenges My Family Office Business Had Overcome Through A Private Wealth Management Software

I was aware at a young age that managing a business was never simple. Even if your company has succeeded, there will still be numerous ups and downs. For the past few years since our establishment, we overcame countless challenges that came our way by embracing innovation. 

If our family office business stays the same, our competitors will leave us behind, and our clients will switch to others. Given that we do not want that to happen, we took a lot of time considering our priorities. 

  • Increased Accounting And Reporting Complexity

My employees have experts in wealth management reporting, but with this software, they become more efficient. Within a few clicks, they can share a very-detailed financial and asset report to clients. 

We successfully simplified our investment management through this software, which my employees loved. They can easily read and predict the trading stock, allowing them to think of better pieces of advice to rely on our clients. 

  • Data Security

As a family office business, we always try our best to increase our data security. After all, our clients’ information is our livelihood. Using this software allows us to take advantage of its data encryption, which helps secure our clients’ data from hackers. 

Do I Recommend Canopy?

Of course, I would! No matter how skilled and well-experienced my employees are when it comes to bookkeeping and wealth management reporting, nothing beats their software. Like other technological advancements, we have streamlined our operations through automation.While it is true that we established our family office years ago, our competitors increased. Thanks to our sheer luck, we were able to find Canopy! They helped us improve our wealth management systems.


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