How Birthstone Pearl Can Help People Born In June?

Pearl is an astrological gemstone because of its connection with the Moon planet. It is also said to be birthstone of people born in the month of June. Every month has its unique gemstone like –

  1. Jan – Garnet
  2. Feb – Amethyst
  3. Mar – Aquamarine
  4. Apr – Diamond
  5. May – Emerald
  6. Jun – Pearls
  7. Jul – Ruby
  8. Aug – Peridot
  9. Sept – Sapphire
  10. Oct – Opal
  11. Nov – Citrine
  12. Dec – Zircon

Why do people wear birthstones? 

Birthstones make striking fashion statement, offer luck as well as promote healing. Wearing birthstone associated with the month a person is born brings great positive results. Let’s talk about pearls and how it impacts wearers born in June. You can read about pearl’s astrological and healing benefits in detail on

What does pearl symbolize?

Pearl symbolizes several personality traits. Those whose birthstone is pearl are said to be innocent, wealthy and wise. They even possess spirituality, integrity and loyalty. It means you are great person.

From where are pearls found?

Pearls develop in the nature inside oysters. An irritant enters the shell of the mollusk and its defense mechanism triggers. It starts releasing nacre consistently. Ultimately, these layers create lustrous pearl.

Today, majority of the market sells cultured pearls. These are harvested in pearl farms controlled environment with the help of mollusks. Wildly produced pearls are rare and so prices are extremely high. Fortunately, cultured pearls are affordably accessible and everyone can enjoy the healing and astrological benefits of this moonstone.

Mythology of pearls

  • In the start, pearls were found scattered loose on beaches where people went in search for food. They were not aware that pearls came from oysters.
  • According to an ancient folklore, pearls are tears of angels or dewdrops from heaven.
  • Greek stories say that when Aphrodite emerged from sea water, her body rained pearls instead of water.
  • After eve was forced away from Eden Garden, she cried and her tears transformed quickly into pearls.
  • Cleopatra drank an ultra-valuable pearls worth of a whole country in one meal to win a bet.

How pearl helps to heal? 

It heals or reduces or helps in conditions like –

  • Insomnia
  • Memory loss
  • Fertility issue
  • Heart, spleen and stomach dilemmas

Even today, pearls are believed to be classics but scream sophistication!


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