How to Open a Printing Factory

Currently, the publishing market is not limited by such restrictive barriers as some years ago. Although a few stamps (the great ones of always) continue taking the reins of the industry, the edition of books has undergone a precise segmentation. However, now that we have decided to publish a book through a Printing factory (โรงพิมพ์ which is the term in Thai), a big question stops us in its tracks: how to print a book.

How to Print a Book

·         Layout: Think Before Acting

When you are finishing writing your work, or you already have it ready to edit, you are sure to look at the different types of books that are in your house or the stores while you think how you would like it to be yours. Although personal tastes will be present, this decision will be determined mainly by the type of manuscript you have made.

·         The Body of the Book

Surely, more than once you have asked yourself why the pages of some papers have a yellow hue and those of others, however, are gleaming white. Well, this does not depend on the caprice of the editor or that the printing press only works with one type of paper. That is, the choice of one or the other is not the result of arbitrariness. The cost you are willing to take, the print run and the type of book you are going to print are the real reasons that will lead you to choose one paper or another.

·         What Does Your Cover Need?

The cover may be part of the book that produces the most headaches. Not only a good cover design is enough; we also have to treat it independently when we talk about printing. To continue with the tradition, the final cost of the book and, therefore, the future sale price will be affected by the type of cover we choose.

·         The Most Used Types of Binding

We could not finish this article without talking about what unites the body and the shell of a book: the binding. There are many types, but the two bindings that interest us most in the publishing sector are stitching and glued or milled rustic (PUR).

The method of sewing consists of perforating the leaves to join with thread and needle the central part of the book (body) to the spine.


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