Natural Techniques to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are such modern problems that most of us have to deal with at least once in a lifetime. In order to avoid other health issues like depression and insomnia, it is important to relieve stress and anxiety as soon as possible. We hope our following tips will help you stay calm and positive all the time.

Get to Know Yourself Better

There are different natural methods that you can use to reduce stress and anxiety. But the main goal is to determine which ones are the best for you. If you are allergic to sport, do not jog on the pretext that it is good for clearing your mind. Plus, we know that it will not last! It already makes sense, but it is still good to remember that you are unique and using someone else’s method may not work! Try, if you like:

  • physical activity: your favorite sport;
  • intellectual activity: yoga, relaxation, Buddhism;
  • cooking or gardening.

If you do not like any of those, practicing some stress relief breathing exercises is highly advised. It is simple to do and you can perform it almost anywhere. You can take a deep breath for a few minutes or opt for intermittent breathing which is even more effective.

Work on your Mindset as much as Possible

Excessive imagination is a source of stress! By anticipating a stressful situation, you might consider all the scenarios that you could be confronted with. The scene then becomes almost real, and before you have even experienced it, you start suffering from intense stress that should not happen. On the other hand, the imagination can help you fight stress and anxiety. Let’s take an example, before a stressful job interview, chase away stress by trying to visualize a pleasant event, a happy memory. You will be more relaxed, smiling and give a better image of yourself.

Eat Chocolate to Reduce Stress Instantly

It is not uncommon to have a sudden urge for chocolate when you feel stressed or exhausted. In fact, chocolate contains phenylethylamine and serotonin which transmit vitamin B1 and magnesium to the brain. Chocolate is then highly effective to avoid drowsiness or temporary fatigue. It also releases positive energy to help you move forward. Furthermore, it fights against cardiovascular diseases and certain forms of cancer. In addition, its action is immediate. For better effects, prefer dark chocolate. You can eat it as soon as you start feeling stressed or anxious.

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