Online streaming is changing TV storytelling

Break ads can really make watching TV a boring one. Online streaming of TV shows and movies are bringing a big revolution into the age-old practice of TV watching. More Binge watching and lesser TV ads.

If we go into the origin of TV then the first thing that comes to our mind is a chunky box in the corner with rabbit ears at the top. With time it started evolving. With falling of the knobs, the box became more and bigger, deeper and rectangular. Next came the sleek high-resolution TVs which found its place into the wall of the house.

But things started changing with the evolution of the internet becoming the default manner in which TV was consumed. With sites like 123movies gallery, people can now access their TV shows and the favorite movies right on their laptop, mobile or any device which has got access to the internet.

Changing the scenario:

With the coming of the online streaming giants, came the downfall of Television. People have started becoming addicted to online streaming sites than traditional TV. They are every student’s best friend. 

With the ever-increasing subscriptions, the streaming sites have come on the verge of taking over all the broadcast TV.

Feature of subscription:

 The subscription-based nature of the streaming sites like has removed the frustration of ads. Not only has this prevented the shattering of a viewers suspension of disbelief by getting interrupted between a beautifully build storyline, but also changed the way stories are told. No more hopping around other channels during ad breaks. You can go binge watching.

Data analysis:

Data analysis plays a very important role in the company’s success. Online streaming sites keep analyzing the behavior of the audience against every show. It helps the sites to figure out what has worked and what do people love to see most.

Watching TV over the internet means that the entirety of your viewing experience gets stored and scrutinized. 

They know how often you watch its stuff, how much time you spent comatose in front of it along with all your guilty pleasures. The original shows it churns out aren’t being tailored to a demographic, as in the antiquated way network TV operates; they’re totally based around what you supposedly want.

The internet has been successful in engineering a television landscape in its own image. 

Streaming’s challenge to the established order also removes the frustration of having to wait to talk about shows. Releasing them all at once, alongside the autonomy granted to its viewers, allows for a heightened degree of interactivity. Viewers are free to press pause and take a break from their show whenever they want. They can use this time to look up references, or previous plot-points if they’re lost, but they can also use it to Tweet, message friends about how good shows are, and even post gifs straight away on Tumblr. Transmitting TV over the internet only further serves to embed this instantaneous interactivity.


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