Poker Options As Per the Requirement

Some poker players spend a lot of money on travel to get the most fashionable clothes, for life’s sake, but then they can get into trouble if they win more and lose at the poker table instead.

How much does a poker tournament cost and what are the biggest revenue?

We can’t comment on income, but think about what resources such a big tournament means, from trucks carrying all the game tables, 200,000 game chips, hosting and transporting your own employees, between 20 and 60 in depending on the tournament, rental of game rooms. In the end, you realize that live poker is not such a profitable business, but rather a marketing tool for what we do. Get the best information here  and come up with the choices.

So is online poker more profitable?

Yes, of course, Because you do not have all the personnel expenses, you do not have costs with tables, playing cards, chips, software, electronic equipment and audio video. If you collect all these expenses, it results in a high level of costs, and table poker does not make as much profit as the world imagines. In fact, if you put all the costs, including the personnel, at the end is even zero, it doesn’t make a profit. We organize live events more for marketing, to popularize poker, for people to interact and to trust us, to get to know each other. Even online players want to play table poker, because it is about social life, they want to communicate, meet their friends.

  • You go, it is an elegant game room, you see your friends, you drink something together, you go to the organized party for the players. Poker players are like this: we drink together and take your money tomorrow, but neither of them is angry with the other.
  • How many players qualify online for a tournament like the one in Monte Carlo and what is the amount that such participation requires?
  • At the online casino the amount that must be covered with accommodation and meals is around 9 – 10,000 euros.

From online players can qualify starting from a tournament of 10 euros. We actually have players in this tournament playing for the first time in a casino tournament. we even talked to a player who came online, won a 9,000 euro ticket and is very excited. Stay in a hotel room that regularly costs 1,000 euros per night and play for the first time in a live tournament. So far he has played exclusively online.

Attention at the game table

The person sharing the books, the dealer, is the one who will grab your attention, regardless of the activity you do during the tournament. Even when you read something on the phone, or listen to music, you have to wag your eyes at the actions and announcements you make.