Prepare Your Plumbing for Fall Season

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While the winter is far off, make sure you are done with the seasonal maintenance of the plumbing system. Fall is the right time for you to get prepared for the colder months ahead.

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Keep reading to find the plumbing maintenance tips to be done during the fall to ensure you are safer during winter:

Put Away Outdoor Water Hoses

Check for all the outdoor hoses around your yard and drain any residual water in it and shut them off. Unplug them from their spigot and put them away for the winter season. 

If the water hoses are left connected in the colder temperature, water inside he hoses get frozen and expands, causing the faucets and other connected pipes inside the home also to the freezer and even break. Watering the lawn is not required during the colder months of fall. Reset the sprinkler and turn it off. 

Fixing the Outdoor Faucets

Check all the outdoor and indoor faucets for any leaks or dripping of water. The leaking of outdoor faucets should be fixed during the fall else it will lead to water damage and other plumbing issues as it gets frozen. Cover and insulate the faucet with the Styrofoam insulation kit.

Interior Shut-Off

If you are equipped with an interior shut-off valve that is connected to outdoor faucets or plumbing system, shut it off. Close the interior valve and open the outdoor faucet valve to drain any remaining water in the line to avoid it getting frozen

Drain Out the Water Heater

During the winter season, the water heater has to work much harder to provide hotter water. To ensure that the water heater runs efficiently, flush the tank completely and remove the sediment build up blocking the proper heat transfer. This helps the water heater to work efficiently and ensure the heating the water during the chilly days.

Inspect the Pressure Valves

Pay additional attention to the pressure valves by taking the closer look at the water heaters. There are probabilities of tank bursting or leakage. Ensure to pull on the lever and then call the plumber to ensure the house and family members are kept safe from any plumbing mishaps.

Insulate the Pipes in the non-heated areas

Pipes at the non-heated areas such as crawl space or garage should be insulated to protect it from freezing during the winter season.

Seal all the Open Gaps

It is common to have gaps between the wall and the pipes, especially at the points where the water pipe enters the house. Even the small gaps allow the colder air to penetrate inside causing a higher impact on your electricity bills. The pipes also get frozen. Make sure to check all the pipes that enter you home through the gaps on eh wall and seal them off completely. Weather-stripping, caulking and insulation can be done to seal the small to larger gaps.

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