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Nine Tips for Taking Brilliant Nature Photos with Your Smart Phone | The  Student Conservation Association

We all love to take photos with our phones. High-end smartphones let you take high-quality photos quickly and hassle-free. It has eliminated the need to bring a small digital camera. It makes sudden and spontaneous out-of-town trips easy to immortalize. With your handy smartphone, you can capture spectacular views, incredible sunsets, and breathtaking vistas. 

You do not want to get caught in a sudden trip without your iPhone. So if your phone is experiencing some problems, take it immediately to a reputable repair service. You will end up regretting that you do not have a working phone when you stop by an excellent and picture-perfect spot.

Here’s how to take high-quality photos with your phone:

1. Skip the filter.

There was once a time when filters were considered cool. Now, they make your photos look like an adolescent took them. Nature itself has beautiful colors. Instead of using filters, try editing your photos using photo editing applications. Apps like Photoshop Express and Snapseed allow you to tune your photos, where you can adjust the contrast, white balance, brightness, and other elements of your photos. You can make that sunset photo by the beach look fierier and striking with a good photo editing app. 

2. Use the camera’s gridlines.

Positioning is critical in nature shots. A slanted horizon can ruin a perfectly beautiful sunset or beach photo. Using your phone camera’s gridlines, you can compose visually appealing and balanced photographs. Apply the rule of thirds for positioning your subject. You do not want your photo to look amateurish with the subject dead center. 

However, you must also be careful in using the rule of thirds. You do not want to commit the mistake of filling two-thirds of your photo with useless, meaningless, and dull space. Use your artistic sense in choosing what should be in your photo.

3. Take advantage of your phone camera’s HDR settings. 

Your phone’s HDR settings are for magnificent landscape photos. Bring out all those colors by using your HDR settings. HDR images have more details into them, compared to photos taken with your phone’s default settings. Use them when taking pictures in bright daylight to bring out all the lively colors in a nice and appealing contrast. HDR photos look sharper with stronger lines and colors. 

4. Be careful with including the sun in your picture.

Unless you know what you’re doing, avoid including the sun in your frame. It can ruin an utterly stunning landscape. It can darken some parts of your picture. The flare from the sun’s rays can also wash out some essential elements in your photo, including your subject. Cover your lens from the sun when you take a picture so that the sun will not hit it directly.

5. Look for ways to scale your photos.

Sometimes, the camera does not give justice to what the eye sees. That’s why adding an element that can add scale to your photo is occasionally essential. Do you want to emphasize how magnificent and larger than life a waterfall is? Add a human element to scale the image effectively. This will establish the size of the waterfall. You can use the same technique when taking pictures of steep mountain trails and gigantic beach waves. 

6. Take as many photos as you can. 

You are not wasting any film here, so you can take multiple shots of a single scene. You can take burst shots, especially if there is a moving subject. You can then choose a picture to put on your Instagram profile.

Taking multiple shots also allow you to compare which style works for you and certain situations. 

7. Read the manual.

You can only take advantage of your phone’s camera features if you are aware of them in the first place. Pick up your phone’s manual and read it. Get to know what your phone camera is capable of doing. How does its focus work? Does it have manual settings? Check if you can manually adjust your camera’s shutter speed, white balance, and ISO. Knowing your phone’s features and how to use them effectively can help you take more visually appealing and stunning photos. 

8. Avoid using zoom.

Step closer to your subject, if possible. Digital zoom can result in photos with a low resolution. If you have an optical zoom, they are a better option. If you don’t, get closer before you take a picture to ensure the quality of your photograph.

You do not need an expensive camera to take beautiful photographs. With your phone with you, you can instantly capture memories that can last you a lifetime. 

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