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Due to the rarefied air that exists at altitude, the ball gains more speed, which benefits aggressive players, an example of which is the Madrid tournament that despite being on a slow surface (clay), athletes with more offensive characteristics have obtained good results in this tournament .

The influence of the lack of wind is also clearly seen in indoor tournaments, where players like Benneteau, Nieminen, and others who are more aggressive and move very well are able to have great results. The mobility and the few variations of the ball make your games much more competitive. Nishikori is another who moves very well and even without a thunderous serve, he does well on that floor. Go for the situs poker online resmi there.


Rugby is basically affected by the state of the terrain. When the field is heavier, failures in rucks and mauls increase, which, unlike football, the poor condition of the lawn can translate into games with more points than if the terrain is in good condition.

  • Formula 1 (Speed ​​Sports)
  • Ferrari-Formula-1-F1-Car-in-Rain

Possibly when you read the title of this post and realized that we were going to address weather conditions in sports, the first sport that came to mind was Formula 1, am I right? The truth is that weather conditions, especially rain, affect a lot in the course of a grand prize. The difference is that as a phenomenon that everyone has the notion of its importance, the market acts accordingly and so the bettor cannot take great advantage of knowing about the possibility of rain during the race, unless he places his bet well in advance.

Below we will list what happens if the grand prize is played on wet:

  • The smallest number of cars finishes the race in relation to the dry road.
  • Most likely to enter the Safety Car on the track.
  • The winner’s greatest unpredictability, as the probability of accidents is greater, as well as piloting errors. (possibility to lay out the favorite).
  • The highest number of pit stops.

All of these factors can be used by the bettor to profit more in situs poker online 24 jam from his motorsports bets. I leave the caveat that the market adapts faster in Form 1 than in other sports, being more difficult to find value odds.


In this sport, both the level of the track and the level of the field is essentially influenced by climatic conditions. Some bookmakers have this market and we often get interesting odds. It is worth remembering a world championship held in Helsinki in which the track was almost always wet and the marks achieved were much lower for a world championship.

The opposite happens at altitude, that when competitions are held at altitude, the marks obtained are always of better quality than when performed at sea level, especially tests that are more important to explosion than resistance (ex 100m freestyle).

Indoor sports

These sports such as Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and others are performed in gyms and are not affected by weather conditions. As you can see in the sports above, the climate factor may be much more important than you think, however it is up to the bettor to get the best information regarding the weather.