Using Specialized Dispensary Containers For Cannabis


Obviously, dispensaries should not be using the same containers as everyday Joe’s like you and me. With much higher quantities of marijuana to store and a customer base to impress, dispensaries have to be at the top of their game when it comes to marijuana storage. Too much exposure to light and air along with inaccurate humidity and temperature levels will all lead problems ranging from a completely dried out stash to a moldy marijuana hoard.

With business booming, there are currently companies competing to create the best possible dispensary container. Using science and mostly passion, companies like CVault and Cannabuddy are paving the way in high-tech cannabis storage protocols. CVault, in particular, makes specialized marijuana containers, designed specifically for the mass quantities that dispensaries must house.

  • Containers to Avoid

It’s bad enough when marijuana users do it, but it’s a catastrophe if dispensaries make this rookie mistake – mason jars, marijuana’s most notorious bad living situation. There’s something about glass jars that attract marijuana like a moth to a flame. However, the exposure to sunlight coupled with a lack of humidity and temperature control will quickly lead to the death of your precious marijuana stash. Other common culprits include plastic baggies and miscellaneous plastic containers, but these too are also unreliable for similar reasons.

Storing your marijuana in a mason jar for just a few days can lead to its untimely demise. Your marijuana wants to be stored in the dark, with optimal humidity at temperatures in the range of 32° to 68° because this is the optimal temperature for storing marijuana long-term. Any warmer, or more humid, and your marijuana will likely become moldy in a short while.

The simple solution to this marijuana living condition problem is to use a marijuana container designed for dispensaries. Cannabis containers like CVault are excellent for storing large quantities of marijuana, even if you’re just a casual marijuana fan.

  • THC Potency Levels

Did you know that the amount of THC that your marijuana loses annually can be measured? Studies have shown that marijuana, even when stored optimally, typically loses 16% of its potency after the first year. The following year 26% will have been lost, then 34%, and finally after 4 years 41%  of your marijuana’s potency will have vanished.

Now imagine if you just toss your marijuana in any old container… the exact amount is unmeasurable, but you’ll likely have less than half of your marijuana’s potency left after 6 months, compared to the natural 4-year breakdown.

  • Storing a Ton of Weed

Marijuana is a delicate flower, so like most of nature, it’s important to treat it as a living thing rather than just some substance. If you’re operating a dispensary or considering the proposition of opening one, then it’s important to utilize marijuana containers that are designed to safely house the large amounts of marijuana you require. If you do this, your customers will definitely notice, and so will you because of how much money you’re earning.

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