Video Door Phones and Intercom Problems

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The ability to see who is on the other side adds a further degree of security, which, along with the convenience of not having to go down and open yourself, are the two main reasons for popularizing these solutions in homes.

It even seems clear that telephones’ future is to send the audio and video signal directly to your smartphone, so that you can respond even without being at home, being able to open the door remotely when it comes to the desired visit:

Pressing and not sound, hear what you are saying, or withdraw from the noise it makes; you do not look at the little screen. Yes, almost we all have the same problems with intercom and fit into these types.

Common Problems of Video Door Phones

1.- The intercom does not ring when you call and see that you try, but there is no way. You wonder if there is someone at home or not, you are sure there is someone, but nothing, no one opens, because it does not ring! There is likely a programming problem in some parts of the installation, in the button on the street or in the home. It is also common for a problem of this type to cause the doorman to keep ringing.

2. The door phone rings, you press the open button, and it doesn’t work, you listen to whoever is waiting to say it won’t open! You usually insist, but it does not work; you have to go down and open in the end. In these cases, the most probable thing is that the fault is in the transmission and opening cables of the door phone, which may not be properly connected to the socket (เต้ารับ which is the term in Thai)

3.- You ask who is on the phone, but you don’t hear anything, you insist, and you still don’t hear well, or perhaps the person who isn’t listening is the person on the street. If it is just that problem, and the rest works fine, the fault is usually in the street plate, but it will be necessary to check well because it could be another error.

4.- You move away from the intercom before the screech it emits. In this case, the problem is usually that the volume is so high that it engages. If you don’t lose your hearing, it can be fixed.


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