What You Need To Know About Pressure Washer Nozzles

Before you start pressure washing any surface it’s important to know which nozzle you need in order to do the job effectively and safely. Remember, you are dealing with a powerful piece of equipment that can shoot a large volume of water in a very quick period of time. 

So if you are renting a power washer ozarkmo to strip paint or clean the exterior of your home, you have some things to keep in mind. Selecting the right nozzle is imperative to getting the job done, luckily you have a multitude of options from which to choose. 

When you’re using the power washer, you should typically begin the job working with a wider angle nozzle and then working your way in towards a most focused stream. Distance is also key as the further away you get from the surface you are cleaning, the less concentrated it will be. 

Finally, before you do any work with any nozzle, test an inconspicuous area of the surface you plan to wash first. That way you will be able to tell if the surface can handle that much pressure and, if not, you know to change your nozzle. 

Nozzle Choices

Most of pressure washers will come equipped with three or four options. Select the one that fits best for the type of job you need to perform. Here are the choices and the best uses for them. 

0 Degree Nozzle

This is the nozzle you will likely use the least unless you need to remove thick caked on dirt and mud from professional construction equipment or anything else with a surface that can withstand high strength water pressure. This nozzle sprays a jet that covers a very small, highly focused area. You would never use this on the exterior of your home or your car as it is powerful enough to strip the paint from it. 

15 Degree Nozzle

This nozzle shoots a 15 degree wide jet of water that is ideal for stripping paint from the exterior of a house or removing thick mud and dirt from the tires and undercarriage of an SUV or some other 4×4 vehicle. The force of this nozzle is less severe due to the degree of the spray when it hits the intended surface. 

25 Degree Nozzle

As the number of the degree increases, the pressure of the water hitting the surface becomes less intense. Less pressure allows you to clean all types of surfaces and items effectively without the fear of inflicting damage. This nozzle is the most common because it brings the right balance of force and spray surface area, making it ideal to clean the exterior of your home without stripping the paint, wash off patio furniture, clean your boat or automobile, or spray the leaves and debris from your driveway. 

40 Degree Nozzle

This is the gentlest of the nozzle choices with the mildest spray and the widest surface area. You can use this nozzle to clean the windows of your home or car.

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