Why You Should Consider Concrete Floors

You love your house but you want to change something up to give it a unique look. Possibly you are on the finishing touches of building your new home and want a special look for your floors. Concrete, usually used for sidewalks or driveways, can be an incredible substitute to carpet or tile. Here are a few reasons you should consider concrete floors in your home.

Easy to Maintain

Concrete floors take very little to keep them looking good. They can be kept up with a simple dust mop or damp mop. A slightly abrasive pad can scrub free the tougher messes. The cost to epoxy floor once a year is cheaper than shampooing a carpet several times a year.

Hard to Break

Concrete floors are extremely durable and can have a long life. They are resistant to scratches from furniture and shoes. This sort of flooring will do more damage to items than the items will do to it. Temperature and ground shifting might eventually create cracks over the years, but this can be repaired with patching material.

Able to Customize

When people think of concrete floors, they probably think of their garage floors. However, there are methods that can give your concrete floor a beautiful, rich color that matches the rest of your decor. If you are in the process of building, the builder can tint the concrete to give it color and texture. At this point, the floor can also be stamped to give the appearance of tile. If you are refinishing a concrete floor, you can use a stain, waterproof paint or acid stain to achieve the look you want. Also, while they can naturally be cold to the touch, wires or hot water tubes can be installed as the floor is being poured to make the concrete warm and comfortable to walk on.

Lasts a Long Time

While you might need to replace your carpeting every ten to fifteen years, concrete flooring lasts for decades if it is properly maintained. This can also save you money in the long run.

Easy to Replace

If you are uneasy about looking at the same floor every day for years, you can put yourself at ease. Since it is concrete, it is the same as the subfloor your home was built on. It can be covered with any other type of flooring from carpet to tile to hardwood flooring with little prep work.


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