4 Considerations when Buying an Indoor Laundry Drying System

Many people grew up seeing damp clothing lines and poles on their balconies or backyard left to dry. While this ancient method has been around for a long time, current technology has made it simpler for individuals and families to dry their garments. The existence of automation in technological advances has made it possible for washing systems that provide the benefit of intelligent features. Since every household has an established laundry routine, choosing an appropriate indoor laundry drying system can be challenging. Here are four factors to consider when selecting a laundry system for your home.

#1 Unit Size

Consider the unit size whenever the retractable indoor clothes drying rack is open and folded. Ensure that the window openings and ceiling are large enough to accommodate this. Typically, an onsite evaluation is necessary to confirm that the system you’re purchasing will fit into your house. If a merchant does not accommodate this, consider it a red flag and search for another vendor.

#2 Lift or Static Load

Consider a system with a maximum load. It should correspond to your household size and how frequently you wash laundry. Ensure that the max load when the system is moving can resist the weight of your laundry if you plan to install a retractable laundry system in your Singapore home. Failing to do so will either necessitate hanging your clothing by hand, or the system may break down sooner than usual.

#3 Maximum Drop Down

Ceiling-mounted laundry systems have a drop-down mechanism that lowers the rack for easy hanging. Most models should accommodate the typical Singaporean height and ceiling height. However, experts still recommend checking the maximum drop height to ensure you obtain the lowest feasible. Moreover, verify the floor-to-ceiling measurements to confirm that it suits your home before purchasing an indoor laundry drying rack.

#4 System Installation

Check with vendors to see if they already include installation fees in their prices or if they will charge you extra. It is also best to verify if they can assist with removing and disposing of current fixtures. Before continuing, compare the overall costs. Each store or vendor charges varying prices for their indoor laundry drying system models and the services that come with your purchase.
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