Is Facelift The Procedure For You?

Are you searching for a procedure that could turn back the time, and make you look younger? Well, the facelift surgery is definitely the one for you, as it is designed to enhance your natural beauty, get rid of wrinkles and saggy skin.

If you would like to learn more about the expert facelift surgery in Australia performed by Dr Hodgkinson you can check them out, or you can find a more local clinic instead. Just make sure that the doctor you choose is a reputable doctor with a lot of experience.

The facelift procedure

This is a surgical procedure that is designed to get rid of aging signs, like wrinkles and saggy skin. The outcome of the facelift can be incredible, but it is good for you to know not only about the outcome, but about the overall procedure in general.

As we age, our skin will become saggy and wrinkly, and the facelift procedure is basically designed to get rid of those aging signs. The facelift procedure will lift your skin, and get rid of the excess skin and sagginess, and it can also tighten your facial tissues, smooth out folds and wrinkles.

The facelift procedure and the amount that will be removed or touched, all depends on each individual separately. This surgery will include two thirds of your face, the bottom part, so if you would like to get the whole deal done, you should consider the brow lift too.

A good candidate:

  • Is a person who is healthy, and who does not have a medical condition that could cause complications during the recovery and healing process.
  • Is a person who does not misuse substances or smoke.
  • Is a person who has realistic expectations of the results.

The facelift surgery

During the facelift surgery, your doctor will cut both sides of your face, to be able to reposition the tissue and fat under the skin, that will then help smooth out the creases you might have. As well as remove the excess skin that is sagging too much around your chin, and just tighten and lift your facial skin in general.

After the procedure you will get stitches, and you will need to rest to let the wound heal nicely. You will be able to go home the same day. However, there are some risks included with this surgery so make sure to talk to your doctor. If you are interested you can check out the effective mid face lift in Sydney at Dr Hodgkinson or you can simply talk to your local doctor instead.

Talk to your doctor about the procedure

Final word

There are many things to be considered when you are thinking about going through any kind of a cosmetic and plastic surgery! Make sure that you talk to your doctor about the surgery, what to expect, how it is done and all the possible risks and complications that might come along with the surgery.


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