Know some important aspects of a novo vape before purchasing it

For most people planning to buy the vapes, the most common question is whether a novo vapecontains nicotine or not. You need to know that the SMOK Novo 2 kit is a refined and refillable ape vape pod system (AIO) with a capacity to hold 2ml e-liquid. It’s compatible with both nicotine salt liquids and standard or regular e-liquids. You will find that despite a lightweight and small device, Novo 2 comes with an integration of 800mAh rechargeable battery, which provides at least 200 relaxing puffs. You can continue taking this for a maximum three days. This stretch is for the average user.

Are they good?

The smok pods from NOVO provide the all-in-one pod mod experience. The starter vape is just perfect. This stylish and sleek device is amazingly capable for its class and size. It can surely impress and captivate the most expert and ardent connoisseur of vaping with its functionality and power. The all-in-one pod from SMOK NOVO is an impeccable starter vape. That standard version comes with an inbuilt 450mAh battery. It provides an output of 16W at the maximum. You can get it for just $14.69. You can enjoy the cost-effective smok novo pod kit with at an affordable price.

A summary

The smok novo entails draw-activation in its pod mod. It features a wonderful refillable cartridge. You can enjoy all types of flavors in the market. You will that these smok pods are best with e-liquids that you obtain from nicotine salts. If you’re wondering what juice goes inside a Novo. The cartridge of the SMOK novo can hold up to 2ml of the liquid. Regarding its durability, a strong focal point of the pod system is its longevity and durability. Each pod can last at least one week.


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