Steps for Choosing the Perfect Table Legs

Before choosing your table legs, you have to ascertain the dimensions and material of your tabletop. Is it a long dining table? Or a small round kitchen table top? Is it for a desk or conference table? Or do you need single leg tables (โต๊ะ ขา เดียว, which is the term in Thai) for a bar or coffee table? You don’t have to be overwhelmed anymore, there are always options available. And we have come up with some steps to guide you in making the fitting choice.

Select Your Favorite Style

The most conventional styles of today are Country or Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, and Square. Many homes steadily choose classic furniture designs such as French Country, Shaker, Mission, William and Mary, and Sheraton. Other options, such as straight or spiraled flutes improve aesthetics.

Determine the style of furniture that suits your project perfectly and go with it.

Choose Your Table Leg Height

This choice is quite easy to make. Choosing a suitable leg height depends on what you’re making. Coffee table legs usually are 16 inches – 18 inches tall, end stand legs are typically 24inches – 26inches tall, desk or dining height legs are often 28inches – 29inches tall, and bar, bath, kitchen legs range are usually 36inches – 42 inches tall. Also, consider the thickness of your tabletop as it adds to the total table height.

Determine Your Table Leg Thickness

Your furniture’s visual weight is another crucial consideration to make. Consider the thickness of the top if you’re building a tabletop. Thick tops go best with thick legs, and vice versa, although some projects demand thinner legs for the thick top. Just go with what appeals most to you, and what is matches with your existing furniture, also consider the size of your tabletop.


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