The Essential Options for the Sensual Massage: The Full Pleasure

A sensual massage is a blessing for body, mind and soul. It is not just about sexual stimulation, but also about the feeling of devotion, closeness and tender touch. With the “happy ending” you can take your time, and then the ecstasy will be all the more explosive. An erotic massage is a passionate, emotional and very tingling process. If you take some tips into account, this massage will be a special and inspiring experience. For the sensual massage Melbourne service this is important.

Prepare everything well

For an erotic massage you should take your time. First basic rule: Turn off the phone! Nothing is more annoying than a constantly ringing phone. If necessary, turn the heating a little higher, because you will both be naked for a longer period, so you should not freeze. Then ensure soft lighting and a pleasant atmosphere. Candlelight is clearly preferable to artificial light here. A scented candle also exudes a pleasant aroma that stimulates the imagination. You can also cover a bedside lamp with a transparent, colored cloth, which reduces the light and envelops the room in a touch of color. Soft music, which you both like to hear, provides the right basic mood. Put a few towels on the bed or underlay on which you want to pamper your partner. If you want, you can initiate the massage ritual with a shared bath or treat yourself to a glass of wine for relaxation. It is important that you both find inner peace, so that you can enjoy this ceremony to the fullest.

If you know which grips to use to continue your erotic massage, you can now add a little massage oil. The oil not only makes massaging a little easier, it will definitely be a treat for him as well. Remember: Your partner enjoys your touch and will probably close his eyesout of sheer relaxation. So maybe you surprise him the next time you open your eyes that you have already taken off your bra? He certainly will not complain.

Experienced sensuality

Slowly it’s time to go one step further. Now walk with your smooth hand from his neck over his upper body. Again, it is particularly tingling when you sit behind him. Bend over him a bit and go over his stomach with light circular movements, up to his loins. But stop it when you realize that he would like you to continue the massage in another regionafter all, you do not want to make it that easy for him. In some erotic massages, such as the sensual massage, the delaying of the finale even plays an essential role. In an erotic massage, you can use your whole body, as it is done with the massage. For example, it is terrifying for your partner to touch his body with your breasts during your sensual massage.

Enjoy the hot ending

Okay, your partner is probably already very excited and hopes for a redemption on your part. Whether you bring the erotic massage to an end, and finally fulfill his longed-for fantasynamely, to continue the erotic massage at some pointor at this point only describe exactly what you still do with him and where you take him still want to massage everywhere is entirely up to you. You might as well ask him to turn around and then massage him on his back, bottom and thighs.

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